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The Polar Bear, the Musk-ox and the Quebec-Labrador Caribou

Inuit Adventures offers you an opportunity to see and photograph Quebec-Labrador's polar bear, musk-ox and caribou, the big three among the Arctic wildlife. We proudly present to you a dynamic circuit that will lead you into their remote lands, far from man's reach. Your stay in Nunavik will include a visit to four villages that lie along the coast of Ungava Bay... ...


Inuit Adventures

Inuit Adventures is a sustainable travel and tourism company dedicated to promoting responsible tourism practices in a little-known corner of the arctic known as Nunavik. We work with local Inuit guides to design, develop, and deliver experiential travel packages that respect the conservation and protection of the natural environment, and further strengthen the integrity and autonomy of Inuit culture and communities.

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It went way beyond any hope...


I just returned from a week at Kuujjuaq and Quaqtaq on a musk-ox trip that Inuit Adventures put together for us. It went way beyond any hope or expectations we had. Our guides were wonderful and IA took awesome care of us ensuring that the trip went smoothly. Inuit Adventures are a fantastic group of people to tour with.


I would recommend them again in a second.


Elana & Neil Santerre

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