Aurora Borealis in Kuujjuaq on Ungava Bay

Fly north to Kuujjuaq for a weekend and live a short but exciting adventure where the main focus will be the viewing of the aurora borealis every night.

The Northern Lights, called aqsagniit by the Inuit, are described by the Arctic explorer Isaac Hayes the following way: "The light grew by degrees more and more intense, and from irregular bursts it settled into an almost steady sheet of brightness... The exhibition, at first tame and quiet, became in the end startling in its brilliancy. The broad dome above me is all ablaze... The colour of the light was chiefly red, but this was not constant, and every hue mingled in the fierce display. Blue and yellow streamers were playing in the lurid fire; and, sometimes starting side by side from the wide expanse of the illuminated arch, they melt into each other, and throw a ghostly glare of green into the face and over the landscape. Again this green overrides the red; blue and orange clasp each other in their rapid flight; violet darts tear through a broad flush of yellow, and countless tongues of white flame, formed of these uniting streams, rush aloft and lick the skies.”

Northern lights can last from a few seconds up to 45 minutes. Depending on the solar activity cycle, the aurora borealis come in many forms. They can take the form of an arch which can be as long as 1000 kilometers, a strip, a curtain, a veil, a wreath, or a pillar with rays extending up to a hundred kilometers. Some aurora are also referred to as “mirror” due to their reflections in the bodies of water, or as “stain” because of their resemblance with a small light cloud.

Kuujjuaq is known to be a great location to view this phenomenon.



4 days

from Friday to Monday



per person, based on double occupancy
*prices subject to change



Nunavik, Qu├ębec, Canada

Package Includes

  • Return flights from Montreal to Kuujjuaq with First Air.

  • Hotel transfers.

  • Services of guides with their canoes or skidoo.

  • 3 overnights at the coop hotel in Kuujjuaq, in double occupancy.

  • All meals.

Trip Highlights

  • A weekend to view the gracious aurora borealis in Kuujjuaq.

  • Visit archeological sites.

  • See wildlife.

  • Elders telling stories.

  • See the performance of the Katadjak throat signers.

  • Town tour.


Day 1

Depart from Montreal P.E. Trudeau Airport aboard a First Air jet for a 2H15 flight to Kuujjuaq, Ungava Bay. In Kujjuaq, you are greeted by your Inuit Adventures’ guide who will accompany you for the duration of your trip. In the afternoon, you will enjoy hearing the Elders telling incredible stories of their youth when they were nomads and hunting for their subsistence. The stories of their life growing up in the region will fascinate you.

At night, away from the noise and lights of the village, you have a chance to see the bright aurora borealis in the clear dark sky.


Day 2

Leave the village at high tide aboard a freighter canoe or by snowmobile depending on the season, towards Old Fort Chimo located on the left bank of the Koksoak River. Visit the archeological remains of this area and explore the first HBC trading post where the fur trade business in Nunavik first started around 1830. It was only between 1950 and 1958 that the population established the settlement where Kuujjuaq is presently located. Visit the wreckage of the WWII US Navy frigate Upshur. As you return by canoe or snowmobile to Kuujjuaq where you will overnight at the coop hotel, you may come across migrating birds, marine life, wolves, musk-oxen and even herds of caribou.

Later at night, under a clear sky, marvel at the multiple shades of green of aurora borealis as it performs its unique dance.


Day 3

With your guide, visit the village and meet local people. In the afternoon, the women will proudly present you their throat singing performance called Katadjak where sounds of birds, wind and waves will overwhelm you. At night, by vehicle, your guide will drive you to see the aurora borealis one last time. Overnight at the coop hotel.


Day 4

In the morning, shop for sculptures, baskets and local clothing for souvenirs. In the afternoon, in a two hour session you will enjoy learning a few words of Inuktitut and use the syllabics to write your name.

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