Discovering Kuujjuaq

You might wonder why Kuujjuaq is the most traveled village in Ungava. Inuit Adventures offers an exceptional perspective of Kuujjuaq which reveals how the whole region buzzes with activity, providing the essential services to the local Inuit and to the entire population of Nunavik.

Comfortably lodged at our co-op hotel, you will have the leisure to spend the week ambling through town, gaining understanding that would have been impossible without your guide. During your stay, you will of course also have the opportunity to gaze upon the spectacular aurora borealis sweeping across dark blue skies.

To give you an idea of where the village is located, Kuujjuaq is south of Ungava Bay. With 2,400 residents, one can say that it is Nunavik's metropolis. So if you've been dreaming of going to the Arctic, in Kuujjuaq, you're already there. There are no roads that link Kuujjuaq to even its closest neighbour. In fact, none of the 14 villages in Nunavik are linked by roads. The only way to gain access is by snowmobile, dog-sled, plane or canoe. Goods are shipped there by boat in summer or by plane year-round. In Kuujjuaq, in the summertime, days are long with only four hours of darkness during the solstice, then at the winter solstice it is the opposite, with four short hours of sun.

Perhaps you will learn something new from this journey and it will inspire you to visit other villages.



5 days

and 4 nights


4,015.00 $


per person, based on double occupancy

GST+ QST not included
*prices subject to change



Nunavik, Québec, Canada

2023 SEASON • 

► Package available year round

► Monday to Friday

* Price subject to change without notice

Package Includes

  • Flight from Montreal to Kuujjuaq with First Air.

  • 2 days in the company of a guide.

  • 4 nights at the Kuujjuaq co-op hotel (double occupancy).

  • All meals served at the Auberge Kuujjuaq Inn.

Trip Highlights

  • Explore Kuujjuaq by car and on foot.

  • Learn about the daily life of the Inuit of Kuujjuaq.

  • Discover the organizations and services offered to the Inuit of Kuujjuaq and Nunavik.

  • Socialize with Kuujjuaq residents.

  • Meet some of the village's artists and elders.

  • Decide which of our proposed activities you'd enjoy.


Day 1

In 2 1/4 hrs the jet carries you the distance separating Kuujjuaq from Montreal. You land at the gateway of Ungava Bay. For the afternoon, we propose a visit to the local Fire Station, arena, churches, water distribution system as well as driving by the hydroelectric station and the petroleum distribution installation; then how about a visit to the local radio station where broadcasts are aired in Inuktitut.


Day 2

Today we've planned visits to organizations such as Makivik Corporation whose principal functions are the administration of Inuit land and management of funds received as a result of the James Bay and Northern Quebec agreement as well as the Kativik Regional Government who work in favour of greater political autonomy for the region of Nunavik. Other institutions you will have the opportunity to see that day are the School Board, the Nunavik Tourism Association, Town Hall and the hospital that serves all of Ungava Bay.


Day 3

A map of the town will be your means of orientation to spot different locations of interest. It is simply a matter of following the directions indicated on your map and making fun discoveries such as the mayor's house, the local day-care, the general store... In the evening, enjoy Katadjak throat singers who will entertain you with a traditional performance.


Day 4

You have a choice of going out on excursions such as a dog-sled ride in winter, seeing musk-oxen riding a snowmobile or paddling a kayak depending on the season, or you can choose to do some fishing in summertime. And what would you say about ending the day by catching a movie at the local cinema?


Day 5

The time has come to purchase souvenirs from one of the village's stores. Before you return to Montreal, you will enjoy sitting down with elders who will tell you stories of long ago while sipping down a traditional tea and savoring bannock.

For more information please contact us.

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